We are

We build products that are

Our highly skilled designers and engineers partner with clients to design, build, and grow both web and mobile applications using best in class technologies, industry leading practices in a user-centric design approach.


Why & Who? not How.

Our focus is on why and who.

If you can solve the questions leading to the "why" and "who", you won’t need to answer to those who question “will it work”. Unlocking the needs of every user, the "who", and their behaviors, the "why", is the key to every solution.

At SennaLabs, to “ideate” we first define the prototype and observe its motion through development to grow a user-centric product.


How do we
achieve this?

We pioneered the hospitality industry’s first platform to unite casual workers.

In a span of just 4 months SennaLabs brought from concept to solution a platform now serving some of the largest hotels in Asia. GrabCasual is a fully functional platform to connect hotels with the informal labor market.


Who are we?

Who is where our power comes from.

SennaLabs was inspired by the motivation and adaptive learning techniques of the world’s most iconic race car driver – Ayrton Senna.

Our team is composed of design and software programming specialists who unite in developing exceptional quality applications, using the AGILE lean methodology, for everyday use by our business partners.

Our partners,
not our clients.

We believe “partnership” precedes “customership”

Partnerships are earned. Lasting customer relationships often evolve only after the first commitment and energy has been spent. SennaLabs can help you digitally innovate upon the positive disruption facing your own industry. We invite you to discover why our own “customerships” compliment us as “partnerships”

We all understood our purpose but felt stuck in a revolving door of design ideas. SennaLabs helped chart the shape and design, as well as execution, for this vision in record time. Thank you Rick!
N. Lee - Redline