Tech Lead

Level : Senior | Full Time

Job Description

- Develop, manage and prepare best software development team.

- Guide, coach and mentor software development engineers.

- Provide project management and technical leadership for every aspect of software.

- Prepare lifecycle for different projects inclusive of research, development, design, evaluation, testing along with delivery to product management.

- Supervise architecture plus lead efforts to develop technical roadmap of all projects.

- Establish and stimulate software development standards and processes along with best practices for delivery of scalable and high quality software.

- Perform closely with Engineers, Developers and Product Management throughout organization to influence product development assisting or improving products.

- Learn and display as how products would add value to respective business.

- Ensure top quality design reviews attaining business goals.

- Supervise resource allocation to assure attainment of apt business and personnel development goals.

- Involve in strategic plans to accomplish technical as well as business with leadership chain, team and with customers.

- Manage and execute software development projects from beginning to finish.


- Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related field

- Have at least 5 year experiences in software development

- Have great understanding of how front-end, back-end, software infrastructure works

- Have experiences in designing software architecture, maintaining software on production in terms of scalability, security, performance, monitoring

- Have experiences with cloud services eg. AWS, Azure, GCP

- Have great communication skills

- Have great management skills

- Strong analytical and problem solving ability

- Self-motivated, fast learner, detail-oriented, team player

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