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What is Agile working methodology? Why do major companies apply this to their organizations?

By Ploy Kwanjira on 06 Jan 2021

In the past, Waterfall Methodology has been widely used in many companies. It is traditional and structured software development management that involves an in-depth upfront planning process starting from concept idea throughout the testing procedure, which can pre-determine project schedule over a period of time. After all, if the end-result fails to capture customer needs, the working process will start over initially.

Thus, nowadays, many companies including startups eagerly apply Agile Project Management Methodology rather than using the old method since the world is changing as well as the customer needs.

What is Agile?

Agile is the concept which enables organizations to adapt to continuous change. This concept is widely implemented in IT or software development companies since the team can manage a project by breaking down into several stages and involving constant collaboration with stakeholders from self-organizing to cross-functional teams. The objective and the ultimate goal of applying this methodology are to deliver fast results corresponding to changes. Simultaneously, minimize or eliminate the chances of project failure since all the requirements are monitored throughout the process. 

Agile and Scrum

Scrum is a subset of the Agile concept. It is a lightweight framework used by small teams to collaborate on multi-faceted projects. In the team, there are talents who need to deliver the project base on this concept, including:

Scrum Master is responsible for maintaining and improving the team’s performance within the scrum framework. They should also enforce the scrum structure, eliminate barriers to the completion of tasks, and do whatever they can to enhance the team’s progress.

Product owner focuses the team’s effort and accomplishment on the task that adds the most value, by prioritizing the work in process and order items in the team’s backlog. 

Team members utilize their specialisms to help the team deliver value and product within every sprint. 

Having all talents together with well-planned sprints, which are lengths of time set for the amount of the work to be delivered, helps your agile team carry out the result effectively.





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A full-time digital marketer. Part-time traveller. Live in learning & sharing society.
A full-time digital marketer. Part-time traveller. Live in learning & sharing society.

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