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Take care your eyes after long day work

By Ana on 06 Jan 2021

In nowadays world, you have to work a lot with the computer. Surely in an increasingly digitized world and computers can not be replaced. As the computer has made your work easier but they do come with certain disadvantages as well. The rays from your computer screen can be harmful to your eyes so. 

The basic way to protect your eyes

1. Wash your eyes:

Wash your eyes on a regular basis thing to do. It facilitates the cooling and relaxation of the eyes.

2. Get computer glasses:

Computer glasses can protect your eyes. It helps to minimize the effect of the radiation on the screen.  

3. The position of your screen:

The screen should ideally be positioned at an arm’s length and the viewing angle of the monitor should be around 35 degrees. 

4. Eye exercise:

You should exercise your eyes to reduce the strain and relax your eyes. Follow the 20-20 rule wherein after working on your computer for 20 minutes.

When you feel tried with the eyes just use the 4 basic ways to relax your eyes. The eye is a very important organ of our body do not forget to take care of them. 

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