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5 things you need to know before building a website in 2020

By Boss on 20 Jan 2021

2020 is a year in which Senna Labs has witnessed a significant increase in website building demand among businesses. One of the main triggers of this demand, unquestionably, is the Covid-19 pandemic.

Business owners have started to realize that digitalizing their brands have never been this pivotal. As an IT consulting company, Senna Labs always ensures that our partners truly understand “5 Things” before investing in developing websites.

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1) Start with 'Why'

Whether it is an e-commerce, a business, or a corporate, write purposes down as they are essentially strategic in guiding your company to understand what you need to do in the following steps. Spending time trying to reflect your company and understanding your goals are time-worthy.

2) Understanding your audience

Another crucial thing you need to know before building a website is your audience. Understanding your target audience and their needs will considerably impact your decision in multiple facets, ranging from, such as website designs and featured content. There are various methods that will help you discover the audience's needs but do not simply skip this step as it might result in an entirely irrelevant website.

3) Choose a powerful domain name

A domain name The power of domain has usually been an area in which companies tend to overlook when, indeed, a memorable domain name is unquestionably impactful. A domain name helps your customers discover your company online. So, we would advise choosing a domain name appropriately so that customers can remember you and also keep it short. Names of domain range from .org, ,com, to ,net based on your purposes. Therefore, it is crucial to be clear with the purpose of building websites. Failure to do so might confuse your customers when they try to find your company online.

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4) UX/UI designs

Do not underestimate the power of UX/UI designs. Working for clients from multiple business sectors, we have discovered how bad UX/UI designs affect business achievements. For example, after getting into doing a thorough customer journey research for a bakery delivery company and re-designed UX/UI designs, the brand was able to increase its online sales tremendously right from the very first day of a platform launch. Therefore, do assure that designs are based on the audience’s needs.

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5) SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO is the way that helps your company appear in search engines in top ranks “organically”. So, developing a website to be SEO friendly is essential in improving the ranking of your webpage, which would increase the return of investment (ROI). One of the most effective ways is to include content or blog sessions on your website. Having multiple blogs containing those keywords that your audience would search on search engines will ultimately increase your online discoverability and accessibility. In short, it is finding the right keywords for the target audience.

These are 5 things we advise our partners to understand before getting into building a website in 2020. However, these parts are some of the key areas. Keeping these in mind, we strongly believe your company would come up with an impactful website right for your audiences.

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