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3 Outbound tips to Grow your business

By Boss on 20 Jan 2021

As one of the most pivotal goals of various companies is to increase revenue, we compile outbound strategies to ensure they would generate positive financial results. Reaching outbound leads is widely recognised to be utterly tricky; here are some of the techniques we would like to unveil as some of the best practises.

Build Connection through Social Media

First and foremost, do not use social media to sell. It is only good when connecting your potential customers if it is a genuine connection, organic, and based on shared interests.  

Interacting with strangers on Twitter is acceptable. LinkedIn, however, is a different case. Do not connect with someone on LinkedIn to sell to them; this would highly result in your account being banned. 

 In fact, social media can be used for research purposes. Use them to find details about decision-makers and learn more about their companies from multiple angles. This information can be used for communicating via a phone call or email. 

Customer is An Account Not a Lead

There is a widely-known term “Account-based Marketing”, a full strategy in which research, personalization, and attention are required. This type of marketing requires collaboration between two teams, sales, and marketing. There is a multitude of tactics; here are some of the tips to begin with:

  1. List out of targeted accounts, which are similar to your customer profile
  2. Observe the decision-makers and key players in those companies
  3. Discover the needs of those decision-makers and key-players and strategize your sales tactics towards them

Set Your Target Customer Criteria 

It is always most strategic to start from defining the target audience, the process of defining your ideal customers. It would not be logical to waste time targeting the audience groups that your company is less likely to close deals. This process is simple but would generate impactful results. Asking yourself questions such as product fits to employees, company size, industry, and how these elements determine the way your products or services are being used. Also, finding their path to purchase is advised.

These are some of the 3 strategies that Senna Labs has suggested to our leaders as we have witnessed their positive impacts on not only our company but also our clients’. Applying our strategies, a significant impact on sales revenue shall happen.

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