UX/UI & Service Design

The audience is the key to success. Our design will always think about the audience's persona and experience. We believe that delivering the best experience and creating a user-friendly environment to the viewers will improve the conversion rate and automatically help your business grow.

What will you get
Many problems with your product might occur in a situation when an investment is made in producing something that does not perform as expected. With proper user research and the right user interface design will deliver the best experience to your users on the platform. Solve every problem that you and your customers encounter to drive your business in the right direction with UX/UI design solutions.
We have Process & Capabilities

Research & Analyze

We start our projects with extensive market research, user personas, use cases, current pain points and business goals before we start the project..

User experience design

After we understand the customers needs, we collaborate with our client/partner to brainstorm ideas on how to best approach the goals and execute user journey, wireframe and clickable prototype.


Interface design

We create design concept, mood boards and user interfaces based on client/partner’s idea and brand identity.


Why work with us

Senna Labs has many experiences in researching the user journey and executing it as a wireframe, prototype, and interface. We choose the best for your business because you are our business partners, not clients!

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