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Easy Step-By-Step Guide To Build Your MVP With Senna Labs

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Let’s talk about your ideas! How would you like your MVP to come out? What are your timeline and budget? We are always here to give you support throughout the journey.

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Full MVP Team



Timeline : 2 Months

sennalabs-mvp-icon_user Product Owner
sennalabs-mvp-icon_user Designer
sennalabs-mvp-icon_user Frontend Developer
sennalabs-mvp-icon_user Backend Developer
sennalabs-mvp-icon_user Optional

Design Team



Timeline : 7 Days

sennalabs-mvp-icon_user Logo Design
sennalabs-mvp-icon_user Prototype
sennalabs-mvp-icon_user User Interface
sennalabs-mvp-icon_user UI Kit

What is MVP?

Minimal Viable Product or "MVP" is a concept of producing a product that prioritizes its core functions before anything else. The concept allows you and your team to observe and validate user's behavior and preference with the least effort and resources. Thus, we can frequently develop the product following the rapidly changing trends to maximize its highest efficacy and meet user's preferences.


Low Risk, High Return

MVP is the first version of your product with just enough features to help you learn whether your customers will actually use your product or not. Observe your customers behaviour and prove your assumptions with MVP before going too far.


Save Money & Time Spent

Validate your idea before building the actual product. Don’t build a team just yet, setup a sales and marketing process first because you might not be sure of what the problems are and what your customers really need.


Know Your Customers

Understand your customer’s interests in your product without having to fully develop the product. The sooner you identify customer behaviour, the less effort and expense you spend on a product that will not succeed in the market.

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