Line Official Account (LINE OA) is known as the main channel for doing business in Thailand. LINE is one of the top communication channels all over South East Asia. Also, it has more than 50 Million users in Thailand. Let’s increase more chances to connect with customers with Line OA complete on time.


Centralize Communication

Integrate communication funnel (FB Messenger, Email, Website chat, and LINE OA) into one place to be responsive and increase work productivity

Marketing Automation

Support MarTech tools integration. Also, you can build a bot that integrates LINE messaging

Personalize Communication

Provide many features to support customization, e.g. message functions, Auto-/Keyword-Response Messages, PR pages, and etc., which allows you to reach a wide range of users on a mass media

Recommended Features
Rich Menu
Customizable menu to help users discover how they can interact on your channel.
Chatbot can assist to manage conversation with your customer.
Create LINE Front-end Framework (LIFF)
Have your own website on LINE platform. Customize any function you wish, from event booking to product listing, buying, and more. Whatever you want to build, LIFF makes it happen.
Who needs Line OA?
Social Commerce
Retail , Wholesale , Shop , Online Shop
Food & Beverage
Retail , Wholesale , Shop , Online Shop
Hotel , Hostel , Ticket booking service
Branch business
Department Store , Tutoring Institution, Corporate entity
Public Figure
Actor/Actress , Blogger , KOL

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