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How Did We Start?
In a fast paced city like Bangkok, time is money. Having to commute to meet with lawyers to have lengthy discussions and fill out lots of paperwork is tedious and inefficient. The founders of ThaiLegalDocs have a vision to provide an alternative solution that is easier, less time consuming and more cost effective while providing the same or higher level of quality. This was our initial challenge.

One of the founders comes from a long line of attorneys and is a lawyer as well. This gave us extremely invaluable insight into the legal industry and more specfically, the legal industry in Thailand.

Field Research Phase

We interviewed some of the co-founder’s past clients and colleagues to identify common processes for certain legal services and pain points. We identified areas where technology could be used to make things more efficient and cost-effective.

This helped us to design a system that cuts out the waste in the process and focus on the core value that the clients need.

First Idea & Wireframe

Our UI/UX designers worked side-by-side with a team of
lawyers to come up with a user journey that would save
the users time and still provide the same quality.

User Interface Design

ThaiLegalDocs was designed to convey a sense of trust and authority; These are key attributes that clients seek in lawyers. We also designed for the Thai market for both native Thais and expats.

User Interface Design for Senna Labs is not strictly bits and pixels. We incorporated our research on current legal processes and input from a team of laywers into the actual operation processes of the ThaiLegalDocs staff into the User Interface Design. We focus on designing the journey, not just a web page.


Our team built ThaiLegalDocs using Ruby on Rails and Javascript. ThaiLegalDocs is deployed on AWS. Our team is still continually improving ThaiLegalDocs. We plan to refactor the frontend to use VueJS for a more interactive user experience.

ThaiLegalDocs is also integrated with a variety of back-office applications that assist the ThaiLegalDocs team in managing incoming cases.
Some Words About
This Project
“The challenge was to provide online legal service at the same or higher quality than those offered by traditional brick and mortar law firms.”

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