Rapid Minimal Viable Product Development Project

How Did We Start?
We started by flying out to Hong Kong to meet our client over several days. We listened to their business plan and what they were trying to achieve. We spent this valuable time to help our new partners devise the best technical solution and plan to meet their business needs and budget. We provide this service to all our partners for free.

Our client manages wealth for many clients globally, and needed a platform to execute trades online from any mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktops. These trades needed to be routed in the most efficient manner through appropriate prime broker routes. A working prototype of this system needed to be built to showcase another major investor & partner located in the United States. These are the kind of challenges we love!

Field Research Phase

Our engineers, designers and product owners invested some time along with our partner, Redline, to research the industry’s latest standards and trends in useability, use-cases, and common pitfalls among trading platforms.

This is where we really conceptualized the user journey and allowed us to save time later.

User Interface Design

Our UI/UX designers went to work on producing working prototypes in an iterative and collaborative fashion. In this phase, our goal is to quicky and efficiently come up with something that looks and feels as close to the end product as possible. This saves our partners time and money.

Traders spend hours looking at screens, so our designers and partners chose to go with darker tones that are easier on the eyes. This is a common theme among professions who spend long periods of time staring at computer screens. We also wanted the system to extremely user friendly and intuitive. After having agreed on a final design, our engineers went to work.


This is where our engineers went to work and using the latest technologies and tools to rapidly build and deliver working code. We continually delivered working code every week.

After four months of fast paced programming and problem solving, we were able to execute our first trade on the New York Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange!

In this project, our team worked with a global team consisting of some of the largest prime brokers, trading network providers, equities exchanges, trading data providers, legal and financial entities. We worked in US, UK, and Asia-Pacific timezones.

Our engineers are not just proficient at code. Our true value is that we understand business problems and can interact with a multitude of people and organizations in a vast array of industries. This is one of our core strengths and advantages that we bring to the project.
Some Words About
This Project
“In a span of just four months Senna Labs provided us with a MVP we placed to market in our Gems Trading Platform – this same Senna Labs developed iteration enjoyed by many of our customers right now.”

N. Lee

Managing Director

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