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Rapid Development & Marketing Project

Aggressive Timeline?
No Problem, We Deliver
Marriott International contacted us with only 1 month prior to the event with an urgent need to design, develop, market and drive customer registrations and sales. Our DevOps team deployed staging and production environments on AWS cloud infrastructure in 1 day. Our backend and frontend engineers began laying out the framework and architecture to be used.

We quickly provided 8 concept designs to the organising committee. After that we selected 3 of the winning designs and quickly developed landing pages to match those designs. We started our digital marketing campaign along with A/B testing to determine the outright winner in terms of conversion.

Within 1 week, we had a production site deployed, and digital marketing campaigns setup driving traffic to the site with a conversion rate of 60%.

We're Agile

Working on such a tight timeline with such a large number of partners is an exhilarating for us. We strive to succeed in these types of challenges and we do so by being agile.

By immediately deploying the 3 different designs for the landing pages, we were able to run A/B tests in parallel while we were developing the rest of the site. We also prioritized which sections of the site should go live first. This let our project managers work with 40 hotels to gather all the necessary media, content and approvals required in such a large undertaking.

First Idea & Wireframe

While the A/B tests were running, we quickly developed
wireframe prototypes and worked with Marriott to
workout the best UI/UX design.

User Interface Design

Our designers rock and they produce awesome designs. However, sometimes we want confirmation from the target market. We got it by the way of A/B tests.

We are confident in the designs that we suggest to our partners, such as Marriott, because we have awesome designers and the data behind their designs.


This is where the proverbial rubber meets the proverbial road. Our team of developers are true professionals who understand and love their craft. We use the best tools and practices to deliver fast and high quality results for our clients.

In this project, we used Ruby on Rails and VueJs to accelerate time-to-market.
The results speak for themselves. We will drive 10,000 registrations and generate up to 20 million baht in revenue for Marriott International. And we did this in one month.

We are already working on our second project with Marriott International at the time of this writing.
Some Words About
This Project
“The challenge was to create a marketing web application that meets both hotel and event participant expectations in an extremely tight timeframe.”

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