Platform As A Service

A Silicon Valley
Engineer & Hotelier
Walk Into A Bar…
GrabCasual is online platform that connects hotels with daily casual workers. GrabCasual is also a management tool for hotels to manage and report on their costs associated with daily casual labor.

Several beers later, the idea and vision of GrabCasual was born. Isn’t that how all great startup stories begin?

The vision: build a platform that connects hotels with daily casual workers in the largest tourism market in the world.

Hotel Execs & Daily Casual Workers

Our UI/UX team researched two distinctly different groups; Hotel Executive Management and Daily Casual Workers. The challenge was to build something that was easy to use and understand for the Daily Casual Workers while sophisticated enough to meet the demanding requirements of Directors of Food & Beverage, Finance, HR and General Managers.

Hotels in Thailand have very specific processes and policies. Our team’s ability to quickly understand the business reasons behind these processes and policies allowed us to codify them into well defined and user-friendly UI/UX flows.

First Idea & Wireframe

Our research on all target users allowed us to efficiently
come up with the first user flows and wireframes. We
built a system that allowed daily casual workers to easy
browse and apply to available jobs.

User Interface Design

Once we had wireframes that were validated through extensive testing, our team started to flush out the look and feel. We wanted the app to look different and be easily identifiable as a brand. This is where we brought the app to life and made it beautiful.

Our choice for purple and yellow was a conscious one based on existing psychological research. Yellow and purple are common color themes for human resources and employment type of user interfaces. We also chose this palette to be unique in the market and provide more brand impact.


Our team of engineers quickly developed GrabCasual using a combination of Ruby on Rails and ReactJS. We deployed on Google Cloud Platform on Kubernetes clusters using dockerized containers.

We chose languages, platforms and tools based on the project scope, timeline and business objective. This gives our team and our partners the most cost effective and quick time-to-market solutions.
4 months after the day the Silicon Valley Engineer and the Hotelier Excutive walked into a bar and had a few beers, GrabCasual was fully designed, developed and in the market. In the first month, 10 hotels were signed included three of Bangkok’s premier hotels; Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park, The Athenee Hotel, and So Sofitel. In the second month, 10 more hotels became customers.

As of September 2018, 7 months in the market, we have matched over 8000 daily casual workers to hotel jobs, have 33 five and four star hotels customers, 1 major hotel chain as a client, and looking to expand into new markets. It is important to note that June-August is considered low-season for the hotel industry in Thailand.
Some Words About
This Project
“The challenge was to create digital trust for both employee and employer side.”

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