S&P Food

We worked with the largest Thai restaurant chain in Thailand to do a complete digital transformation for their E-Commerce platform.

Digital Transformation Project - E-commerce Web, iOS and Android

S&P Food

We worked with the largest Thai restaurant chain in Thailand to do a complete digital transformation for their E-Commerce platform.

Digital Transformation Project - E-commerce Web, iOS and Android


It's all about knowing your audience!

The SennaLabs team researched the current demographics of S&P's existing ecommerce site and customer base. From our analysis of the data we were able to identify key demographics and behaviours. Leveraging our Senior UI/UX Designer's educational background in Graphics Design, User Interaction Design, and PHD in Cognitive Psychology, we were able to accurate build 3-5 personas of typical users.

We believe this is fundamental phase of UI/UX design and produces the best results. Armed with this knowledge, the next step is to validate our theories and assumptions.


Field research phase

We invited actual real world customers and non-customers who matched our target demographics and personas and tested them on the current site 1344delivery.com and competitors' e-commerce sites to truly understand how users ordered food online and what the challenges and pain points were. We video taped these interactions and provided a full report to our partner S&P.


First ideas & Wireframes

After having validated our initial assumptions and discovering new pain points, we started to quickly prototype wireframes which layed out common user journeys.

By doing this, we were able to quickly turn around with working simulated prototypes to allow S&P's C-Level executives and major stakeholders to touch and feel how the new e-commerce journey would be.

"I was assigned the fun task of planning a new e-commerce website and app for S&P foods. We chose to work with Senna Labs for three main reasons: Their key strength is design and customer experience which is key for winning in today’s digital world. I was also comforted to know that the founder of the company had over 20 years experience working in Silicon Valley. Lastly, they are a great value due to their agile development process. Senna Labs was able to compete the project on time, with a great customer experience and fast speeds"
Russell Conrad - Managing Director - Audience IQ

User interface design

One we had the basic customer journey flows and flows in the form of clickable and useable wireframes, we started to apply UI elements tailored to our target personas and demographic.

Full color mockups that were simulations of the end-product were built by our in-house design team and refined with our partner S&P. This allowed all parties to see and visualize what was actually going to be built without incurring the financial and time cost of engineering resources.



Once all stakeholders agreed with combined vision and customer journey of the new e-commerce experience, our engineers started rapid implementation using agile software development practices. Our code is built using the latest industry best practices, tools and techniques.

We delivered working code on a daily basis and had weekly reviews. We provided a fully functioning staging environment which the SennaLabs and S&P teams could test the current working site. Our team developed a web application, iOS app, and Android app in 3 months.


In addition to developing e-commerce solutions on three platforms (iOS, Android and Web), SennaLabs also designed an enterprise fault tolerant and scalable infrastructure to host the new e-commerce frontend Rails application servers and Postgresql databases. We will continue to manage and operate this infrastructure for S&P.

During this project, we had the opportunity to work with the major market leaders including S&P, Audience IQ, and Foodkit. Our team has learned a great deal about the Thai Food & Beverage industry and online e-commerce for restaurant chains in Thailand during this project. We are very proud to have worked with such great organizations on this exciting project to make a major impact on the S&P customer journey. The new S&P e-commerce site and apps will be go live in October 2018.

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