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Who’s leading the digital transformation of your company?

By Rick on 13 Jan 2021

Is the CEO or CTO the primary driving force for digital transformation at your company? Are you one of the driving forces of digital transformation at your company? Or is Covid-19 the primary driver? 

Is Covid-19 the primary driver or your digital transformation? 

Although 70% of companies reported that they already had a digital transformation strategy in place in 2018, most companies were not ready for the current situation brought on by Covid-19. Many businesses are struggling to adapt and survive in this time of uncertainty and the realities of a global pandemic. Hospitality, airlines, restaurants, shopping malls, and many other types of businesses have lost drastic amounts of revenues due to social distancing and quarantining policies. 

SennaLabs is a Digital Agency and we specialize in digital transformation. Prior to the pandemic, we were busy helping clients in the energy, hospitality, food & beverage, QSR, telecommunications, e-commerce, real estate, and various other industries on their digital transformations. 

After governments started instituting self-isolation and curfews, we told all of our staff to work from home. Our management team was somewhat concerned and unsure of what the future had in store for us. We just kept our heads down and kept on working. 

Initially, everyone was in shock. Some potential clients we were talking to postponed or canceled their projects due to fears of a long prolonged economic downturn. But a few weeks after this, something peculiar happened. Demand increased. 

A large e-commerce retail company contacted us. They wanted to invest in a new e-commerce platform. They said that e-commerce demand had increased.

Another client whose business is primarily hospitality was trying to find digital ways to create new revenue streams in addition to investing in digital now to prepare for when the hospitality markets reopen.

A large real estate investment company that initially postponed a project with us contacted us again. They told us they were busier than they usually are. This was due to the fact that there were so many companies defaulting on mortgage payments. They were busy buying up properties. The project was back on.

“Leaders of successful companies aren’t just going to become complacent and allow the current situation to kill their business”

It became clear that leaders of successful companies aren’t just going to become complacent and allow the current situation to kill their business. They were ready to fight and make strategic investments in digital transformation to help their businesses stay alive and not be as susceptible to disruption from another pandemic or global crisis.

Eventually, the world will recover from this pandemic, and economies will grow again. In the meantime, what will you and your business do to prepare for that day and for any future global crisis? Will you become the number driver of digital transformation at your company? Or will you let the next Covid-19 be the one who decides?

“Will you become the number one driver of digital transformation at your company?”

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