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How SennaLabs helped S&P Food transform their online e-commerce business

By Chu on 20 Jan 2021

S&P Food’s yearly revenues were 435 mils $USD. 10% of the revenue was from online sales. The board of directors felt that online sales should account for more. The digital transformation project’s first objective was to create a better user journey to increase sales.

We completed the entire project in 4 months. 

Both web and mobile e-commerce platforms passed User Acceptance Testing on time. We increased sales to 15% on the first day. Since the first day, the system has been generating 1.5 - 3 mil baht per month without ever having gone down. SennaLabs manages and maintains the cloud infrastructure for S&P Food. 

SennaLabs started with market research and researched existing competitors in the market. We created three customer personas derived from current analytics data of current customers. We then ran UI/UX customer research on user journeys of competitors and the existing S&P Food e-commerce website and app. This allowed us to generate detailed user journey flows and analyze which areas could be improved.

The SennaLabs UI/UX Design team then created wireframes to propose a new user journey flows. We also provided 3 prototype UI designs based on the board of director’s preferences and industry best practices. Once the final designs have been selected, a complete working and clickable prototype are created and presented to all stakeholders.

UX/UI design allows us to visually see and understand the product quickly

A complete UI/UX mockup is the equivalent of an architectural model. It allows all parties to see what will be built and how it will work and how people will interact with it. This allows us to deliver value quickly and in a cost-effective manner. It also ensures that everyone is on the same page and that expectations are aligned.

A complete project timeline, resource requirements, and cost estimation were then provided. And the implementation of the digital transformation of the S&P Food e-commerce platforms began.

Partner, not client

During development, the SennaLabs team was in contact with S&P Food on a daily basis. Our project management team went onsite at S&P Food’s headquarters to work with staff on gathering requirements, delivering and testing features. A weekly update was given to the board of directors. This continued all the way through the project until the new e-commerce platforms were launched in 2018.

The execution of the project was such a success, S&P Food signed a long-term retainer engagement contract with SennaLabs. Today, S&P Food and SennaLabs still continue its strong partnership and continue to transform S&P Food’s business.

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